City Bans Toys in Some Fast Food Meals

As a strong message to curb childhood obesity, San Francisco is the first major city in the US to forbid fast food restaurants from offering toys with children’s meals, if the meals do not meet nutritional guidelines. This law, which will go into effect in December 2011, also mandates that fruits or vegetables be served with each meal that comes with a toy. A very progressive city, indeed!
Fast food has become a major target of childhood obesity activists and public health promoters. It is, without a doubt, a major contributor to the obesity epidemic that is rampant in the country today. Children are especially susceptible when toys are included with the meals. It’s a temptation few children can resist.
This legislation is a warning to the fast food industry to stop exploiting and endangering children’s health for financial gain.
Hopefully, this move will encourage other cities to emulate San Francisco’s lead.